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How to Become Productive at Work Without Working 9-5pm (6 Ways)?

Small businesses often struggle to make their daily business activities at optimal level without the need of emptying their pocket.

Business at Mirsky Mode faced similar problems. I did not have much financial strength and needed to increase my work capacity greatly. So here are the methods which I’ve applied that are cheap:

Work Early Morning

“Early Bird Catches the Worm”

This is a no-brainer. Our brain is most fresh in the morning after bedtime.

Your brain is most likely to function at optimal level in the morning, after a long rest. Like a computer switched on, its cool core is able to work fast running multiple programs.

Your brain is more efficient and thus productive at this hour.

Get your team to come early once a while. Organize meetings early in the morning, or simply give them reasons to show up early every once a while. Working early while your brains are fresh can really help set up and achieve goals faster.

They might not like it at first, but trust me, promising that they can go home early later on, will make them enjoy the time at work.

Try to make this a habit in the office. Implement this principles slowly into your organisational culture. Rushing things will only make employees become uncomfortable adjusting to the style. Or if you feel it’s not possible, get your teams to work on core work the second they enter the office, don’t waste even a second.


Devise Visual Strategies

Have your strategies devised in flow charts. This makes it a lot easier for the team to visualize where the business would like to be within the next 1,3, 5 years. Always keep in mind to have objectives which are quantifiable. This enables your strategies become more focused and precise long-term.

By having the team’s mind focused on a particular direction, every tasks completed will help them to see clearly the destination.


Set Priorities

Plan your day or week when your brain is freshest.

Get priorities list each time before your start work. I’d recommend you set daily tasks as it enables you to manage your time better on completing it. Set them on your phone Calendar which comes with reminder making it easy for you to keep up. I find it very useful to update the tasks on Google Calendar since it reminds you on phone and even can be set to send reminder to your email.

At most times, you will complete the tasks early giving you ample time to plan on your next-day tasks or even the weekly tasks altogether.

Get your priorities sorted out and you will see much difference.


Individual Delegate

A well plan work schedule will not work if it is not implemented well. I often find it more productive when ever I delegate tasks individually rather than to group leaders and so forth.

This may sound ‘micro-managing’, but it is never wrong to be a little bit more hands-on if you feel the workflow can be improved.

List down tasks for every member in the group, and hand over to them in team meetings so that you won’t miss any details.

This also opens up to idea that you run an open door policy management in the company – which encourages employees to discuss work-related issues with you openly.

The fact your employees share insight about the business gives you further input into what you are trying to achieve. These are valuable information which you should take note of. You can always rely on information provided by the people who run the company.

Also take note, individual delegation is also helpful in tracking the productivity performance. If you feel a certain area is lacking in result, you can simply refer to the employee(s) who was given the responsibility and apply necessary solution to improve the productivity level.   


Take a Break

Your body can only take a certain amount of hours to remain focused on completing tasks.

Take a break from your work desk if it becomes too overwhelming. Do something else. Do stretches, coffee, chat with colleagues, short naps etc. Do whatever to blow off some steam.

You will come back more refreshed and motivated to get the tasks completed.


Do Not Multitask

If you feel doing two things at once helps you complete tasks sooner, you are wrong.

Generally, your brain can do many things, but multi-tasking isn’t one of them. Be focused on each task and you’ll get the job done perfectly.

Also, your brain lasts longer having not to work on multiple tasks at the same time continuously. This enables you to work longer and better as compared to multi-tasking.


Final Two Cent…

You will be amazed by how effective your daily work becomes. I find setting your priorities long term helps to get important things done in the company. For example, in order to complete my website, I set a 14 days priority list prior to date of completion. It helps me to get work done – some time even earlier, allowing me to work on other issues.

Out of all, remember to always take the time off to blow off some steam whenever work starts to get the best out of you. You’ll feel much better and motivated afterwards.  

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