Without a doubt Instagram has become a crucial social media platform for businesses around the world. Apart from the fact that 400 million active users every month, it is also a perfect platform to showcase the ‘other’ side of your business and to engage with your consumers in a much personal way.

Take a look at 14 brands which have successfully utilized Instagram in building their brand.

1. Starbucks

Starbucks does a great job in sharing images of followers and products making customers a huge part of its branding. Numerous amount of photos are shared on its feed which can be related back to the consumers encouraging them to engage with the brand and form a stronger emotional connection. 

2. Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s is famously known for great characteristics of flavor they add to their ice cream. The company also has serious brand positioning of their product each time they update their Instagram page. It’s the well recognized photo of the ice cream taken from the first person angle as shown below.


Source: Ben & Jerry’s Instagram

This is a great example of great product managed by great branding strategies on Instagram.

3. Sephora

It goes without saying Sephora is a powerhouse in the cosmetics and beauty supply retail store throughout many parts of the world. What I really like about the brand’s Instagram page is the creative usage of white space on their photos which helps emphasize the color of the product. This is a smart way to draw their followers to it. 

4. Intel

Intel is a classic example of how a brand relates itself with the consumers. What I like about them is the way the company showcases the ‘other side’ of the brand. Their Instagram page is filled with behind the scenes of the tech giant allowing consumers to take a look inside the daily operations. 

5. Ikea

Ikea is a powerhouse in the home goods and furniture. The company’s great concept of help customers visualizing how the furnishings would look in their homes practically gives them full customization on how they would like their house would look like.

6. The Honest Company

Another classic example of how great content leads to profitability. Honest Company sells safe, eco-friendly baby products. However, majority of their posts are not focused on selling the products. Instead, the brand’s feed is mainly filled humorous images and caption in which parents can be relate to. The company is a fine example that proves you don’t have to sell on social media accounts, but to become relatable to your followers into buying.

“Content is King, But Marketing is Queen, And Runs the Household.” – Gary Vaynerchuk, CEO Vaynermedia.

7. Sneaker News

What Sneaker News mainly catches the attention of Instagram followers is their creative posts which encourages fans’ engagement. In addition to the great pics of the sneakers, the brand is also a genius to get conversations rolling in the comment section through clever setup of Q&A format on posts – making Sneaker News irresistible not to follow and participate.

8. Audi

The popularly known car manufacturer’s Instagram uploads numerous kinds of images and videos letting fans first hand experience of what it feels like to own and drive an Audi car. What I especially like the brand is how it creates first-person view videos which helps followers to visualize the practicality and luxurious feel of the product.

Content Online Marketing 

9. Converse

I especially envy how Converse excels at using Instagram. They are one of the best examples of how great interactive online content should be.  Their great online interaction leverages user-generated content whereby its feed is mainly filled with fans sharing creative images of the shoes they love and passionate about.

10. GoPro

It’s amazing to see how GoPro grown for the past years. The cameras they manufactured are built purposely for action shorts. The brand’s Instagram feed features some of the most eye-catching shots captured, including their trademark shot from first person angle. The fact that GoPro cameras are being used in toughest environments which includes combat firefight demonstrates the versatility and reliability of their products, making them one of the sought after brands in the extreme photography as well.

11. Red Bull

Looking through Red Bull’s Instagram, you’d realize it has very little to do with the product, but everything to do with the targeted market. The company focuses less on selling, and become more relatable to its audience. By understanding the market, Red Bull is able to channel its feed to emotionally connect with the followers through content marketing.

12. Topshop

What Topshop do for its followers are providing fashion advises and insight, along with generating sales off Instagram account as a direct access of engagement with the brand’s fans. Apart from getting answers from the brand, followers also have the opportunity to participate actively being a part of Topshop’s future direction.

13. Oreo

Who could forget the cookie which taught us to ‘Twist, Turn and Dip’ into milk? The popular cookie brand does tremendously well in sharing creative images revolving around the product. My personal favorite would be how the brand includes their fans to participate in the craftsmanship that they can make with the cookie. In return, this encourages the fans to be more engaging with the brand.

14. Vans

Vans has been successful both on Facebook and Instagram.  The distinct shoe brand uses Instagram to creatively integrate its products with lifestyle related establishment such as music, art, and culture. The brand is another great example of interactive content marketing. They simply understand their customers.

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