13 Great Ideas to Increase Traffic to Your Website

I remember the first time I launched Mirsky Mode. Being my first startup, I was excited about the idea I had in mind and was eager to share it with people. It was heavy with online content, but without much traffic coming into the website, I wasn’t seeing the growth I expected.

Years on, I feel compelled to write this post as I know the importance of driving traffic into website. Most importantly, I know how difficult it is to get people visit your website which led me to this particular piece.

1. Focus on social media posts (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus)

  • What’s great about social media pages are not only the traffic it brings from the users. It also helps to improve your position in the internet searches. I found Facebook and Google Plus really help improve my website’s position especially on Google searches. But don’t take my word for it. You can simply check it out on your own and determine which social media platforms work best for you.
  • Use each platform to its best ability. For example, Instagram posts work best with images related to the product or services you provide. Personally, Twitter and Instagram are my favorites especially the hashtags feature that allow my business to tap into foreign market which is outside reach.

2. Send newsletter to your email list of friends and family.

  • Mailchimp and Gmail are my favorite go-to for entry-level email marketers. Both platforms even offer free newsletter templates making your email marketing efforts easier.
  • Use GetResponse if you’re looking for greater email marketing support too – for a reasonable price.

3. Start following other bloggers on WP, comment and Like.

  • This is a very traditional method but it works. You need to start communicating with other bloggers and writers. Get to know people, start connecting. Comment on posts which you like. I found that asking questions is helpful to start conversations running in the comment section. Don’t simply leave a “I like what you wrote” comment. Instead, end it with a question to continue carrying the conversation like “I like what you wrote! I agree the piece. But don’t you think the web developer a company hires should be more involved in driving traffic to the website?” If you’re lucky, the author will reply, but if otherwise, someone else will to get the ball rolling.
  • Pay attention to the flow of conversation, and when the time is right, share your opinion and even leave a link to your site for those who are interested to find out more about what you think about the matter.

4. Join ProBlogger and Copyblogger

  • What better way to succeed in the blogging world other than joining the community of bloggers. These platforms are also great to cross-promote each other’s content.

5. Add links on every article written (relatable)

  • You should even add related links in every article that you write.
  • Leave links whenever you source your work from another article which you wrote.
  • Do this especially when you are contributing your articles to other blogs as it enables you to reach out to other blog’s readers/consumers.

6. Offer to contribute to other blogs. Add links to your other related articles too.

  • Add links which readers could click on which will drive them back to your website. Of course, request for permission from the host before doing this.

7. Invite for Collaborations

  • Collaborations are a huge topic to discuss.
  • Whilst collaboration can be ‘costly’ to ‘nothing’ to almost ‘expensive’, you need to start selecting partners tediously and less pricey too.
  • Be selective on who you choose to collaborate with. Do not simply work with influencers with huge following and likes.
  • Instead, work with influencers who are players in your industry.
  • Find out more about selecting the right social media influencer for your brand. Pay more attention to the market the influencers can bring in and how the potential influencers respond to comments to give you some idea whether he/she is suited for the job.

8. Get your blog on Wiki

  • How often do you click on Wiki whenever you search for information? The answer is – Often.
  • Therefore, it makes perfect sense to create your company’s own page on Wiki. Try to make it as detailed as possible, letting people know what your company is all about.
  • Don’t forget to leave your company’s contact details such as your website, email, social media pages and telephone number.

9. Answer questions on Lowyat.net, Quora and Yahoo Answers.

  • If you haven’t realized, Lowyat.net is among favorite platform for people looking for answers in Malaysia. This is your opportunity to showcase your expertise.
  • Answer the questions sparingly, and leave links to your website if the reader wishes to find out more about it. They will begin to seek more answers from you. This is another cost-effective method which I’d like to do from time to time too.
  • If your market reaches beyond Malaysian border, then, you can go ahead provide your expertise on Quora and Yahoo Answers. Simply search topics which are related to your industry on its toolbar and bombs away.

10. Interview business People & post it on Youtube. They’d likely share it on their social media pages.

  • It’s always great to bring in another personality – it enables you to extend your reach in the market.
  • Video posts are always easy on the eyes. Viewers are more inclined to share video updates, especially those with catchy titles.
  • Another reason to post on Youtube is its ability to help you positioned higher on the SERP.

11. Start selling on Sellfy & Gumroad if you have ebooks to sell. They provide great marketing drive to your accounts and website too for a fee.

  • Sellfy and Gumroad are not only perfect if you’re looking to extend your reach to new consumers buying your e-products. Apart from providing platform for payment processing, they even help you market your page and drive more traffic to your account and website.

12. Create podcast.

  • Podcasting is great to deliver your content in alternative forms.
  • You can use Soundcloud for audio podcasting which is offered for free.
  • Youtube and Vimeo for video podcasting. Since Google owns Youtube, every video posted helps your SEO ranking too.

13. Post more frequently

  • Google’s algorithm includes how active your website is. In short, the more active your website is, the higher Google will rate you in the SEO Ranking.
  • Keep writing new articles for your blog. Or if you run an ecommerce site, adding new products would help too.
  • As long as there is an activity, it will contribute to your SEO Ranking.

Final Two Cent

Any form of collaborations and posting updates frequently are my favorite to drive in more traffic to website. The increase of viewers were absolute when I ran Mirsky Mode. Having said that, it does not mean the rest ideas are worthless. Just because I failed to do it, does not mean everyone else does too. It probably means you have to do it differently. I’ve talked to and read plenty cases during my MBA who succeeded using other ideas mentioned.

So what do you guys think? Please share more ideas if you feel I missed some.

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