4 Important Plugins For Your WordPress.

In the age where information flows at an exponential rate, it’s becoming important to ensure your website is up to the standard of online users’ expectations – loading speed comes at the top of that list.

Akamai conducted an interesting research where:

  • 47% of users expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less.
  • 40% of people abandon the site if loading takes more than 3 seconds.
  • 52% people say they remain loyal to websites with low loading page speed.

These numbers are concrete evidence on the importance of website loading speed – simply can’t be ignored. So, here’s a list of WordPress plugins which you need to cut down that loading speed:

    1. Cache Plugins (W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache)
    2. Optimize Images (WP Smushit)
    3. GZIP Ninja Speed Compression
    4. WP Optimize

Cache Plugins (W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache)

One of the best WordPress plugins you should consider seriously installed would be the cache plugin. Basically, this plugin helps improve your website’s page loads time – something which is essential to continue drive of traffic into your site. Best of all, you don’t need to worry about it’s cost since many of these plugins come in for FREE!

There are numerous amount of cache plugins, however the most notable one is the W3 Total Cache plugin. It is a very popular plugin judging by the amount downloads and comments. What I love about this plugin is its user-friendliness, whereby it only takes minutes (if not seconds) to familiarize yourself with it – and by far one of the most effective cache plugin.

There’s numerous amount of cache plugins that you could consider such as WP Super Cache (I love that it comes with GZip Compression as well) and also Comet Cache (Quite new but getting good review – worth the check too).

Go ahead and simply search these plugins, click install and activate, and get your website elements cached now.

Optimize Images (WP Smushit)

If your website consists of many images, it is best to optimize these to improve your loading page ability. Smush.it is one of the best image optimizer whereby it will reduce the file size of the images without degrading the picture quality.

Obviously, this plugin is not necessary since you can manually optimize the files using photo editing softwares. However, this will be troublesome if you own an ecommerce website loaded with images which could consume lots of time during page loads.

This is where WP SmushIt becomes useful. If your website does not contain large amount of plugins, I’d recommend this as it will automatically optimize your existing and recent images.  

GZIP Ninja Speed Compression

GZip plugin is another plugin I’d recommend. To put it simply, this plugin would simply compresses (zips) the contents of your website, and quickly transfers between browsers when a user accesses it – in which the file will be unzipped for viewing.

This helps immensely in order to improve the viewer’s website experience.

Keep in mind, that the WP Super Cache also comes with GZip plugin which enables your website to become more effective not loaded with large number of plugins.

WP Optimize

Every digital consultant out there in Malaysia I’ve met constantly remind me to ‘Optimize’. But not much of a clue when asked for details. Can’t blame them, there’s just too much to describe in one session.

Besides, the work is tedious, time consuming and boring. Many purist would concur too.

This is where WP-Optimize plugin becomes useful. The plugin optimizes your website database to reduce its overhead. So, rather than spending large amount of effort by manually optimizing the website, you get to do this by just a single click. Brilliant eh?

Another plugin I could suggest here is the WP-DB Manager plugin – which simply schedule dates for database optimization completely automates your website maintenance.

Final Two Cent

There are more plugins which will benefit your WordPress website – it goes without saying here. The fact I’m recommending 4 of these is because I have used them personally, extensively. It’s always important to ensure your website is running tip-top. No one would like to visit a website with long loading time – even a 1 second delay loading time yields 7% loss in conversions.

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