3 Top Marketing Advice You Should Not Listen To

There are so many online marketing experts writing blogs these days – sharing their experience and tips on growing businesses online. While some have the credibility for such discussion, others are only in it for the sake of posting content frequently without ever doing fact-checking.

There are even advises which may seem good but as you peel off the layers, you begin to realize ‘the water is not as shallow as you think’. Okay, enough idioms.

Based on what I’ve found reading online articles about internet marketing, I’ve deduced the top 3 worst marketing advises which you should steer clear from:

  • Customers Are Always Right
  • Get On Every Social Media Site Out There
  • Post Updates Frequently
  • Final Two Cent

Customers Are Always Right

Customers Are Not Always Right Mirskybiz

When the late Steve jobs released the first iPhone, the critics & Apple stakeholders were harsh saying why would anyone want a ‘computer’ phone when laptops are already available. They were proven wrong on the release day.

In the process of creating a business plan, I was in the notion that customers know what they want and ‘don’t’ want – therefore, I assumed they know everything. I was wrong.

We performed focus group and questionnaires as part of the company’s market research analysis (MBA geek here) which I put full faith in. The research found that there was no room for high quality designer handbags at low price as people are more brand conscious and loyal too.

While our research tells us one thing, my partners abroad kept assuring me the data which tells me otherwise – where the market for cheap quality handbags are growing.

After much contemplation, I pulled the trigger and went with the advice of my business partners. The result gave me a huge relief. The first month itself I managed to sell up to 20 handbags at a low cost of marketing.

It was a close call but the experience led me back to my ‘roots’ – nobody is perfect, nobody knows everything.

Get On Every Social Media Site Out There

This does sound like a good idea. Why not extend your reach to as much social media platforms as you can? The more platform you use, the larger market you will be tapping into right? Not true.

Every business is different than the other. Each is unique on its own. Not every social media is right for you. What’s good for another business could be disastrous for yours.

Take Tigermist for example which is a business-to-customer (B2C) which relies much on images to promote its clothing product. Instagram is perfect for this as it truly succeeds in industries that benefit from images that demonstrate their product.

Comparing with Hewlett Packard Enterprise which is the largest server producer at $14 billion in total sales in 2016 which does not share much images of computer servers since they are a business-to-business (B2B) company that deals with businesses and not end consumers. LinkedIn would be the preferable platform since companies commonly connect each other in it.

Similarly, the usage of social media sites are dependent on the nature of your business.

    • Will it benefit from the image-sharing platform of Instagram to minimalist blog-styled of Twitter?
    • Or the large users platform Facebook which appears to benefit more from video posts?
    • If you feel all three are perfectly suited for your business, do you have the resources and the manpower to fully utilize it?

Ask yourself these questions before committing – it’s a huge task to fulfill even for just one social media site. Keep that in mind.

Post Updates Frequently

Posting updates on your online platform is essential for success. But you need keep in mind to be cautious about this mentality.

If you post too much, your viewers are going to start to see you as a spammer that provide things of less value.

If you post too little, well, it’s going to cause your viewers to lose interest in your business as well as losing in the SERP hierarchy.

My suggestion, learn to use analysis programs such as Google Analytics to understand better of your market. If you’re unfamiliar with the program, learn to use Insights from your social media pages.

Study your market:

      • What day & time your viewers are commonly online?
      • Which posts are mostly viewed?
      • Where does the traffic mainly come from?

Use these questions to better understand your market behavior so that you’ll be able to perform marketing strategies with better results.

If you feel analyzing the data is cumbersome, try a different approach which is to start using social media management programs such as Crowdfire. I’ve personally used this as it is easy to use.

Crowdfire solves all your daily updates on your social media pages. It provides you with daily post recommendations known as ‘prescriptions’ to post your recent updates on other social media accounts and even share posts of whom you follow on your page. All you have to do is decide how often to post it in a week and the program will run on its own. Very convenient!

Final Two Cent

“Marketing is telling the world you’re a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world you are one.” – Robert Rose

I’m a believer where marketing tells the world that you’re a leader in the industry (or even story tells like one). Like Robert Rose, marketing is about making you look like a celebrity – a company with star power. Look at all the giant brands who employ top celebrities to become ambassadors to their brand.

They do this for a number of reasons – superstars attract people which eventually pay attention to the brand. It works. Of course being a rock star here does not mean the Hollywood type celebrities – it can come in any form of ‘celebrity hood’. An individual can be a ‘rock star’ in the tech industry or even in the food industry too. Get someone related to your industry to play the ambassadorial role.

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