Marketing Strategies And When To Apply

Marketing Strategies And When To Apply

A number of successful entrepreneurs are known for outlandish publicity stunts. Whilst Sir Richard Branson rolled out a tank along Fifth Avenue in release of his Virgin Cola, to Felix Baumgartner’s space jump for Red Bull‘s production that simply caught the attention of the world altering the future of marketing altogether.

The majority of us don’t have access to such resources , so it’s time to figure out the strategies which are within our realistic reach. Mix and match the strategies below accordingly to how you’d want to build up your brand/business:

  1. Writing: Articles, checklists, tips, lists, newsletters
  2. PR/Publication: press release submission to targeted media
  3. Public speaking: at seminars, workshops, conferences, meetings
  4. Direct mail: sending sales letters and printed materials through the post
  5. Telemarketing: contacting prospective customers over the phone
  6. E-mail contact: e-mail updates or e-newsletters
  7. Referrals: happy customers refer someone they know to you
  8. Testimonials: happy customers put their review of your products/services in writing
  9. Networking: mixing and swapping contact details/information/advice/leads with others
  10. Trade shows/exhibition/events: taking a stand to sell products, get feedback and gather leads
  11. Giveaways: using competitions and prize draws to encourage action and/or build a mailing list
  12. Face-to-face selling: once an appointment is booked, to persuade a prospect to buy
  13. Via website: directing leads to the website.

What Are Your Marketing Objectives?

TMarketing Objectiveshe strategies above are straightforward. What I’m going to share with you guys is how to apply them effectively based on what your marketing objectives are:

To raise awareness of your brand – Use articles, a promotional event, sponsorship or targeted advertising – plus PR.

To raise credibility and have people trust you – Then you’d try public speaking and articles, networking and running seminars or workshops for your target audience, or collecting testimonials and case studies from happy customers to use evidence of how good you are.

To generate leads, referrals and sales – You’d focus on networking, direct contact, follow-up, phone and email marketing and giveaways.

As you can see, different marketing objectives require different approach to achieve them. It’s obvious you can mix and match the strategies accordingly to your liking. You just use these as general guidelines – a good foundation to start developing your own methods/strategies.

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