10 Easy Ways to Save Money (And Make Some Too)

“Many folks think they aren’t good at earning money, when what they don’t know is how to use it.” —Frank A. Clark

I’m quite shocked to find out from some friends who keep telling me that it is near to impossible to save money aside these days. When I ask them exactly what they did do to save, the answer I keep hearing is they’d only keep a portion of income into bank and that’s it. After hearing some of my explanation, the guys were quite surprised at the amount of things they missed out in order to become financially stable. Nevertheless, it’s never too late to start saving money. Better now than never. So here’s my take on the 10 easiest ways anyone can do to save money:

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7 Women Entrepreneurs You Need To Know

I’ve decided to write something else this time. It’s rare to see stories written about successful women entrepreneurs around the world. Not that they need any more recognition than they already have – but I feel the time was already due to write about these ladies in my blog.

I remember the first time I saw SlideShare back in the university days. Years later, I was shocked that LinkedIn bought it for $118.75 million in 2013. Curious, I started researching about the company and its history (a nerd I was).

What caught my attention was not the fact Rashmi Sinha, the founder, is a woman, but the fact she studied PhD in neuropsychology – nothing to do with web technology at all. It just shows the level of aptitude she possesses which impress people in the business world.

She co-founded the company with Jonathan Boutelle in 2006 who became the CTO before being sold to Linkedin which has more than 16 million registered users now.

Another company that grew to become a giant, Cisco. The idea was born out of the problem where the founder Sandra Lerner experienced difficulties to email with her then-husband Len Bosack while working at Stanford University. This problem has led her to design the multi-protocol router – a platform which catapulted Cisco in 1984.

In 1990, it was reported Lerner walked away from the company with $170 million from the sale of her stock options. Her entrepreneurial career did not end there, she continued on to start Urban Decay, a company specialized in cosmetics and a farm based in Virginia.

Flickr was founded in 2002 by duo couple Caterina Fake and Stewart Butterfield. The popular photo sharing website was an offshoot of a game which Fake was developing with her husband at the time.

Three years later, Yahoo bought the website from the couple for a reported $35 million in cash and stock options. Fake went on to co-found another another website called Hunch – a site that makes recommendations based on users’ preferences. She was even named to the board of directors of the very popular online marketplace Etsy.

4. The Body Shop

Anita Roddick was not a stranger to the entrepreneurial life when she founded The Body Shop in 1976, England. Right after running a hotel and a restaurant, she used the experience to create a livelihood for herself and her two daughters – thus creating the company.

Her business concept became a hit and Anita launched her second branch within six months after launch. Realizing she hit jackpot, she soon launched The Body Shop franchise program which enabled her company to open stores all over the world.

The company’s success led to its first public offering in 1984 and 2006 later on. It didn’t end there. Anita and Co finally sold to L’Oreal for a reported $1.4 billion which today, we see there are more than 2500 stores in 61 countries.

Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields were classmates who studies together at Stanford University. Both ladies agreed to the need of finding a better acne treatment since they have also suffered similar ordeal at some time in their lives. At a certain point in their lives after Stanford, the pair noticed the problems acne posed for people of different ages which led them into developing a new way to treat facial blemishes.

Over a five-year period of researching and testing, they have developed an effective acne skin care system which is know as Proactiv Solution. It was a combination of acne medicine and soothing botanicals to create a much more effective acne fighting system designed to leave the skin smooth, clean and clear.

6. HTC

Cher Wang is the co-founder of the famously known mobile technology company HTC with an estimate worth of $1.6 billion according to Forbes. She was born in 1958 and studied degree in economics from University of California in 1981. A year later, she joined First International Computer company, which led her to co-found VIA in 1987. 10 years later, she went on to co-found HTC in 1997.

Cher has been featured on Forbes world’s billionaire list multiple times from year 2010-12 having a net worth at an estimated 1.6 billion dollars making her one of the most powerful women in 2012.

7. The Huffington Post

No one familiar with digital media world has not heard of The Huffington Post. The founder, Arianna Huffington  even plays a huge role in the company after selling it to AOL for $315 million.

Arianna is also an accomplished author having shared her experience in book Thrive: The Third Metric to Success where the book still remains featured on the website.

My Final Two Cent

What do you guys think of the list? I’m sure there are more ‘women-preneurs’ which I missed hustling and working hard around the globe. Let me know any women entrepreneur which you feel very interesting and ‘must-know’. I’d really like to find out more about them.

13 Great Ideas to Increase Traffic to Your Website

I remember the first time I launched Mirsky Mode. Being my first startup, I was excited about the idea I had in mind and was eager to share it with people. It was heavy with online content, but without much traffic coming into the website, I wasn’t seeing the growth I expected.

Years on, I feel compelled to write this post as I know the importance of driving traffic into website. Most importantly, I know how difficult it is to get people visit your website which led me to this particular piece.

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7 Tips How You Can Promote Your Business Using Instagram.

Personally, I’d feel a B2C setup works quite well on Instagram since end consumers would like to have a look at your product before considering to purchase – if they do consider, the platform offers great opportunity for businesses to connect with consumers directly. On the other hand, B2B often works with other businesses such as suppliers and distributors which most Instagram users aren’t.

It goes without saying that Instagram is one of the most popular social media sharing platform these days – if not the most. With a staggering amount of millions of people sharing photos and videos on it, the community is highly sought after by every business. So here’s 7 tips you should use to promote business on Instagram:

  1. Schedule well-timed posts and regularly
    • Personally, I’d suggest using Crowdfire. The app simply provides you a lot of insights about your online consumers and best of all – it sends you post recommendations for your online media platforms from time to time helping you to post updates easily.
    • You must have figured out some of the best times to post your updates. But if you haven’t, I’d recommend  Simply Measured, an app which helps you figure out the best time to post updates – Free up to 25,000 Followers.
    • Another app I’d suggest is the Iconosquare – which I strongly recommend. However, it only offers 30 days trial.
  2. Strong Call to Action
    • Use the right words in your call to action see result in your posts.
    • A survey has found that photo caption with the word ‘like’ receives 89% more Likes than the one that does not. It also found that photos receive up to 2194% comments by including the word ‘comment’ in the caption alone. That’s something you need to pay attention to.
  3. Follow and Like Players in the Industry
    • Connect with people in the industry if you want to get known. It’s a no-brainer to follow influential people in your industry to get noticed.
    • There’s evidence that points to us the more active an account is in liking other images, the more likely people visit your account and Like your images too.
  4. Open Conversation Comment
    • Stop commenting the typical flatter such as ‘Great post!’ or ‘You have great talent!’.
    • Instead, be more conversationist. Start making conversations with the players in the industry.
    • Start by sharing what you feel would be appropriate to give the Instagram account the extra edge. End it with a compliment and a question related to the post.
    • By creating an open-ending question, the user might be more inclined to pay more attention to answer rather than the typical compliments from other fans.
  5. Research Best and Popular Hashtags
    • Hashtags are useful to get your page noticed by strangers around the world.
    • Determine popular hashtags in your industry to reach your market’s full potential.
    • Try the app TagsForLikes which offers ideas on popular hashtags that meet with your demand. Use it to determine best hashtags for your brand to grow on Instagram. My personal favorite would be Likes.
  6. Include Faces in Your Photos.
    • Evidence shows strong indication that photos which include faces receive 35% more Likes than those that do not.
    • Don’t forget to include photos such as selfies, group photos (or ‘we-fie’) once a while to start boosting your post likes.
  7. Rename location to your Website URL
    • If your business has a website and you intend to promote it on Instagram, you can rename the location of your business location to the URL.
    • It can be tedious nowadays to rename your location since the update.
    • However, there is a method to do so which can be found on Benrequena’s website where it teaches you step-by-step to rename your location on Instagram.
    • Once you’ve renamed your business location, each time you share it on you update, it will show up which gives better exposure to your website.

My Final Two Cent

Instagram gets a little bit tricky these days as the platform is saturated with competitors. Whilst it is important to analyse your competition, it is also important that you create your own Instagram marketing tactics suited for your own brand. If you struggle (which you will in the early stages), adopt some of your competitors’ principles and start developing your own ideas around it.

4 Online Strategies To Stand Out On Social Media

It goes without saying social media has become an important element of every business these days. This is due to the fact that there are 500 million Tweets, 4.5 billion Likes on Facebook and 95 million photos and videos are being uploaded on Instagram each day. These staggering numbers are enough to entice companies to participate. Think about all the wealth of information available, waiting to be analyzed which your business could benefit.

Social media platforms are an essential tool to build your understanding of your consumers. Daily active engagement with your market enables you to become emotionally connected with your customers which helps your company to acquire data and to make smarter business decisions.

  1. Let there be Social
  2. Love Thy Camera
  3. Cause, Support Cause
  4. Listen, and Thou Shall Learn
  5. My Final Two Cent

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