5 Ways to Improve Your Company’s Online Presence

These days, the internet is saturated with ads making it difficult for your business to stand out.

While established businesses have far less restrictions on their financial capacity, you’re left struggling, competing. So how do you improve your company’s online presence without much spending? Here’s 5 cost-effective ways to do it:

Enhance Website User Experience

Online customers are demanding and have minimal patience. Get the architectural design of your website to be easily understood by average tech users. If customers feel the layout is too crowded with information and confusing, there is a chance that they will leave your website making it difficult to give them reasons to come back.

Create a flow giving smooth transitions between products’ photos, descriptions and additional offers and items. Be very clear and detailed as possible. Customers will feel more confident buying your product when they fully understand the product. Online consumers are fearful of being tricked into buying products which they don’t understand.  Be as detailed as you can in your description and showcase as many photos for every product to be clear on what you are selling.

Offer numerous methods of payment at checkout to reach out beyond online consumers who pay using credit cards, such as Paypal, iPay88 and even cash on delivery (if possible). By offering more payment methods, you are giving customers more options into paying, making them less restricted on purchasing your item online. It’s the convenience that it provides.

Build Relationship with Customers

“One Customer Well Taken Care Of Could Be More Valuable Than $10,000 Worth of Advertising.” – Jim Rohn.

Building relationship with customers take quite a long time, something which I will write in another article in the future. Let’s keep to the point here.

Being courteous and thoughtful are not enough in customer relationship. Try being unpredictable and surprise favorite customers with gifts on birthday or special-made day.

People are emotional beings, in which the thoughtfulness leaves strong impact to the customers and it serves as a powerful reminder to them to come back to your business in the future. They like feeling appreciated and would definitely have no problem patroning your business repeatedly.  

Great Customer Service

“Don’t Just Take Care of the Customer. Help the Customer.” – Shep Hyken.

Resolve customer’s problems. If unable, offer discount code or any promo as compensation for their troubles.

It goes without saying that customers truly appreciate businesses that resolve their problems. Therefore, quick replies on emails and social media platforms are crucial in helping your online presence.

Also, don’t forget to request customers to leave feedback on your customer service, or simply asks them to rate the service from scale 1-10. This is another way where you get to track your customer service and identify its weaknesses so your can improve your business further.

Present Premium Products

Customers do not have time to browse every page or product before making decision. Help them by offering your best products along with additional free items that come with it.

Online consumers these days are often on their mobile device running on data, therefore, they would like access to website direct to the point.

Specify on the products you want the consumers to know and eventually ends up buying. Don’t showcase a bulk of your products on your homepage or social media pages. Shift your focus towards selling your main products which you believe can resolve your market’s problems.

It is wise to let people know what your brand’s strong point and be known with that – what better way than paying attention on selling your core products.  

Data Protection

Recent internet hacks give more reason customers insist on strong data protection policy. This is something often overlooked by online entrepreneurs.

Assure them your company encrypts the data they provided on website and the information will not be shared or used for other purposes other than what they signed up for. If you’re not sure how to get your website encrypted, contact your web-hosting services to direct you.

Be clear about data protection by creating a ‘Privacy Policy’ page on your website as well. Also, you must not forget to mention whereby in a case where data is breached or leaked, what would be your company’s policy on this issue.

By clearly stating these on your website, it gives indication that your company is serious about data protection giving consumers a ‘piece of mind’.

Final Two Cent

Improving online presence may sound simple but it’s not. Just bear in mind, it is similar to building relationship with people. You can’t jump start a relationship. It takes time and sincerity to build it. While some might complain it to be too repetitive and frustrating, it is true. It takes a lot of patience dealing with people especially in B2C, but it will be paid off with customer referral and retention.

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