5 Secret Habits That Will Change Your Life

Have you ever wondered why your life remains stagnant despite all the hardwork you’ve put in? You’ve been hustling day in and out; yet, the result remains the same.

Well, I went through that at one point in my life. So, here are the 5 secret habits that changed my life and hopefully yours too.

Open Eye Experience

  1. Every individual experiences an eye opening event at least once in their life that affects their life forever.
  2. If you seek character development, I’d recommend travelling to less fortunate or isolated locations. This helps you to learn to appreciate the little things. If you wish to know more about it, watch the video in the link right now. (Add link)
  3. From business perspective, I find best ideas often come from traveling experiences. Airports between flight transits would be my ideal location – for whatever reason. You need to find your own place that inspires you.

2 Minute Focus Rule

  1. The 2 minute focus rule has helped me tremendously in overcoming my lack of productivity
  2. The idea of this rule is to use it as a platform for you to start building your focus threshold
  3. Start with getting things done within 2 minutes. Then, slowly build from 2 minutes to 3, 4,5 minutes and so on.
  4. Start with small steps to help you achieve the giant step.
  5. If you wish to learn more about the 2 minute focus rule, I’ve talked more about in the link now (Add link)

My 40/10/50 Rule

  1. Now, I’m sure you’ve heard of the 50/30/30 rule. I don’t like it to be frank with you.
  2. Instead, I reckon it should be re introduced as 40/10/50 instead focusing the bulk of you money to be put into savings/investment.
  3. Also, make this rule flexible depending which point you are in life; try to put as much money into investment if you’re in mid-20s since you have little monthly commitments during this time.
  4. I also talk about this rule in details in another video link shown now on your screen (Add link)

Free Product/Service

  1. If you’re struggling to sign clients that pay well, try offering your services to giant brands in your field for FREE a few times.
  2. Working with big names will attract more attention from other companies to work with you in the future.
  3. It sounds absurd but the goal here is long term. Seeing you have a portfolio of working with big names will help elevate your name in the industry.
  4. To find out more, I’ve shared a link to another video which I talked about it in depth. (Add link)

Just Do It

  1. If you’re a follower of successful billionaires like Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos, they all agree that the main obstacle between you and success is the execution part
  2. Aspiring entrepreneurs tend to overthink till they eventually decide to drop the idea.
  3. This could happen out of fear, procrastination or ‘waiting’ for the right time.
  4. These excuses are all absurd.
  5. Truth is, if you’ve done your homework, you’ll be able to get your fear under control and know that now is the right time.

That’s it from me fellow future millionaires

What do you think of the article? Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

In the meantime, keep grinding and hustling. Execute!

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