3 Easy Ways to Showcase Your Product’s Quality Online

Showcasing your product online is a crucial element of great online content. Since consumers find it difficult to visualize the product online, it becomes your priority to invest more resources on ensuring the message does not get lost.

Whilst hiring online content manager is a recommended solution, most startups simply could not afford to do so due to their ridiculous rate, giving established businesses the upper hand.

All that said, I sat down and reflected on it. Here are 3 cost-effective methods to showcase your brand’s service online:

Show attention to Detail

“Greatness lies in the smallest of margins.”

Your product is something that you believe that can help people. It has things which other products can’t offer. However, do consumers see it the same way as you do? Do they have the same believe as you do?

These problems could be contributed by the lack of paying attention to details. Your marketing might only focused on selling the product rather than describing it’s value-added in details.

For example, when I started out Mirsky Mode, I started experiencing more sales since I start sharing more in depth information of the bags we were selling.

We spend less time selling, and more time on educating the consumers about our product and how it benefits them. Consumers are more likely to view our products whenever we share information rather than when we try to sell to them.

Educate your market and you will get to see more engagement and sales from your ads.

Share more about your products & services. Let me share with you what we’ve added as shown in the following (Based on my Mirsky Mode business):

  • Authenticity Code (allows customers to self-verify).
  • Special Warranty (Adds value)
  • Other items/gifts from purchase (adds further value)
  • Membership Cards (customer relationship marketing)
  • E-Membership Cards (similar above but in digital form – easy to carry around)
  • Workmanship
  • Bags’ Brands (Share about quality, finishing & philosophies)
  • Return & Refund Policy (Assures security for customers)
  • Payment Methods (Expand market reach)

These are all the details which were added to our marketing efforts. We shifted our focus towards educating, building trust and confidence along the way. Selling became our second priority and was worth it.  

In certain occasions, you might end up wondering why people do not see what you believe in. You’re probably beginning to think that you are probably wrong. Eliminate these feelings. If you’ve done good research, you’re probably not marketing it right.

Educating the consumers is crucial especially in the online business industry.

Keep finding new ways to educate your consumers. Be creative. Become an expert in your industry. People will start trusting your brand and eventually end up buying your product.

Showcase Latest Products

As an online business, it is always important to remain relevant. This would mean the company must continuously showcase the latest and state-of-the-art product. Your business benefits from this as it indicates your company is continuing moving forward – which gives confidence to the consumers that your brand is sincere and genuine about resolving their problems.

The latest product is assumed the best. This is especially true in the tech industry. Even in health sector, consumers are always on the look out for the latest treatment or drugs on specific diseases. It is also true for the fashion industry, as people are constantly looking for the latest and trendiest designs of fashion brands.

Taking all those into considerations, elevate your product quality by showcasing the latest addition into the product. Appeal to your market on how your product uses the latest technology to solve the general consumers’ problems effectively.

Include words which shows that your brand uses the latest technology to solve issues. Use words as shown in the following:

  • hot off press (my favorite)
  • just out
  • contempo
  • leading edge
  • ultramodern (Never personally tried this)  

Again, the proper usage of words is important here. Your brand does not want to be seen as a joke describing your latest tech as ‘in vogue’. No-brainer but just a caution for those who don’t speak native English.

Be careful while using these words, avoid from being redundant. Also, be truthful while describing your product. You do not want to be caught lying without evidence that you carry the latest product in the industry.  

If your brand does not carry the latest design, be the first to offer the product at lower ‘premium’ price. Or be the first to offer the product with more value added (e.g. membership deals, additional discounts etc). Be creative and truthful.

Give it Luxury Appeal

People tend to be more inclined towards buying something which is ‘premium’. They often associate luxury products with quality.

Consumers are always willing into buying something special. Why not? Why would they want to buy a ‘regular’ product when they can get their hands on ‘premium’ one – by just paying a little extra that gives them the right to brag a little?

Use these words which indicate ‘luxury’ while describing your product in your online marketing effort. Apply the words on your brand’s social media, website and internet ads. Just be careful and not to use the words repetitive:

  • Indulgence
  • Premium
  • Classy
  • Chi-chi
  • A la Mode
  • Trendy
  • Upscale
  • In-Vogue

If you feel these words are not suited for your product, you are much welcome to use online Saurus to find similar words.

What I love about this idea is the fact that people are quite easily swayed to purchase any product or service which has premium description in it – even if there’s an additional charge required.

Always showcase product which appeals to this idea where the customers will benefit special experience from purchasing this premium product.

Final Two Cent

At the end of the day, how you market your product matters. Separate yourself from the competition by becoming an educator, an expert or a storyteller.  Your audience are more drawn to your brand this way. Try selling your product less, and you will start seeing the difference in respond from the target market.

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