The ONE Secret On How To Get First Job As Consultant/Freelancer?

Are you a struggling freelancer or consulting firm that could not get clients that pay well? You’ve done everything in the book and yet it does not yield the result you seek.

Don’t worry, I’m gonna share with you my first hand experience to get big clients signed for you.


To begin with: the method I’m about to share is nothing new. However, since I have not seen many who talk about it, I thought why not to share it with you.

When I first started out on my own, there weren’t much tips on how to get the first job as a freelancer/consultant other than the typical methods that you can simply pick off from business books or websites.

Initially, I started out using traditional methods, I set up my social media accounts, my website & told my friends & family about it. I even paid for advertisements on some of the online platforms. It seemed like I’ve done everything on the book.

Still, there was not much traffic, or leads for me to pursue. For the first 2 months, I struggled to find a single job that pays well.

I contemplated, became worried. But I continued.

What happened next? After giving much thought, I decided to give it another shot

I started offering my services for free. I emailed businesses and on some occasions, I went to their offices and offered my skills for free.

They were surprised and couldn’t believe it. It sounded too good to be true. But they agreed nonetheless. Why wouldn’t they?

I did it for another 3 more times. People told me I was dumb. But there’s a catch.

I had a long term plan.

Firstly, the 3 brands I worked with are well known brands in my field. By working with them, I can then start promoting myself as not only someone who have done work with 3 brands. But 3 GIANT brands.

When people see that I’ve worked with popular brands, it attracts attention.

They sensed that you must be worth the money and wouldn’t mind paying you for future jobs.

From one referral led to another. I continued getting jobs till I no longer able to work on my own.

So, that’s my secret to getting the first job as a consultant or freelancer.

Hope you find this article useful. Don’t forget to Like & Follow my website to start investing yourself. Time to Execute!

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