Get your Viewers Into Addictive Readers

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This is a question which has puzzled me for some time.

After years of writing for and contributions to numerous publications, I’ve figured out what is it exactly that makes readers wanting to know more (at least I hope I did).

It all came down to what attracts us as human beings listed below:

  • Trust
  • Context
  • Curiosity
  • Clarity


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A survey found that WordPress was the most trusted business.

It found that 6,000 businesses highlighted how much they trust WordPress was which was primarily contributed by the wide range of free services it offers.

The survey added, ‘WordPress proves ‘free’ doesn’t always mean junk.’

This is a strong indication that suggests to us that customers’ trust are more drawn to businesses that offer free services or products.

Take strong note at this. Get the attention of the consumers by offering more value added complimenting your core product. Give more reasons for them to patron your business.

This is also applicable to online blogs alike.

Be genuine instead. Be useful, informative, helpful and inspirational to your audience.

Don’t add misleading titles – or add payment subscription halfway through the article. This further adds frustration to viewers which makes them unlikely to come back to your website.

Also, offer your viewers with free downloads such as “Free Guide to Business Plan” or “Free Download: Guide to Business Plan.”

Stop wasting your reader’s time.



Be specific. Very Specific.

Instead of entitling “Tips On Making Money Online,” add more to the title such as “5 Proven Tips On Making Money Online During Recession.”

The title isn’t only encouraging people to read, but also relatable to people especially during these difficult times.

By becoming more specific on your headline, it allows you to speak directly to your target audience.



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It is always great to leave a gap in your headlines.

This is where the ‘leave some to get some’ tactic works efficiently.

Consider these titles “5 Common Mistakes You Are Doing As An Entrepreneur” and “3 Secret Ingredients to Make Your Kale Recipes Taste Better.”

The titles are encouraging people to read further – and it leaves you cringing until you click on the article(s).

The curiosity it create simply draws the audience into clicking. Don’t you just want to know what are the mistakes entrepreneurs do?

Or the fact that someone is sharing ingredients to make our chicken soup tastes better?

Just remember not to add misleading headline by stating ridiculous title such as “One Sure Trick To Make $1000 Everyday At Home.”

This simply suggests that you lack the content, desperate or a scam.

Most important of all, don’t lead people to read halfway through only to end to a payment gate if interested to know more. That’s a deal-breaker.  



Keep your headline short and concise.

My rule of thumb is to always consider Twitter’s word limit. Or whichever platform you’re working on.

This does not only help viewers to click to read it, but also allows you to easily share the posts on your social media pages without having the need to constantly reconstruct the sentences to match the word limit.

Use your Insight and analyze how each of your title works.

Study them and pay attention to which headlines give the most respond.


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