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6 Signs You’re Going To Be Successful


1.) You hate average

When you hate being an average person, then, the only way is to go ‘up’. This mentality sets yourself to higher standards in terms of the way you look at life.

It shapes the way you think when faced with adversity. You start to enjoy what life throws at you because you know,

While most would succumb to difficult challenges – like every average person does, you don’t.


2. You practice discipline and self control

No matter how smart or brilliant your ideas are, if there is no self-discipline, nothing can be gained.

Discipline is important, but to become a successful entrepreneur, discipline becomes essential to ‘survival’.

Once you’re the owner of a business, there will be no one to tell you what to do, or what you need to get done.

You have to constantly find that motivation and eagerness to get things done; and without discipline, you’ll end up a failure.

It’s all on you now.

3. Failure doesn’t scare you

Let’s be honest, the fear of failure gets to you as an entrepreneur. There’s no denying.

What you do instead is, to manage that fear.

Elon Musk has a great strategy when managing fear. He always create a contingency plan in case things go bad.

When he started SpaceX, Musk set a target of $100 million for the rocket launch. If he fails, he’ll bail out of the space venture.

What’s so great about this move? It sets Musk’s mind that failure is a viable option. This helps managing that fear.

He also knows when to quite, which is also important for every entrepreneur so not to get dragged into much higher debt.

4. You wake up early

Most successful people love to start their days early.

This is because, they find mornings are the best time to get as many difficult tasks done as the brain is fresh and able to perform at higher degree.

If you start in the morning, you’ll also find that you get to get things done earlier – so you can spend the rest of the day doing other activities.

5. You surround yourself with great people

You are who you surround yourself with.

I believe this makes sense just by reading the title.

If your friends like to talk or do things that waste time; you’ll end up like one.

If your friends like to talk about ideas, opportunities, or investment; you’ll end up like one.

Start networking with people who are better than you today to get started.

6. You don’t complain

Complaining or whining is a waste of time and breath.

And yet, people still do it – because some supposedly experts on mental health issues say that it’s actually a good thing to vent your anger or frustration.

Guess what? This makes people who listen to them more of a whiner.

By the way, if these mental health experts are correct, then, how come we’re seeing increase in chronic mental health problems – whereas the mental health experts are at its most advanced stage in human history.

My advise? Stop complaining and carry on with life. You need to do something to take your mind off your worldly problems. Everyone’s got problems – deal with it like every other human being in mankind’s history.

There’s a saying “An idle mind is the devil’s playground.”

7 Signs You’re Going To Be Successful


You’ve put in the effort. And you have yet to see the result. You become fearful and your mind starts to wonder “Am I gonna make it?”. Don’t worry, in today’s video, I’m gonna share with you the 7 major signs you’re going to be successful.

1.) You hate average.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

You don’t want to be average, and you believe that you are made for greatness; to achieve great things. You believe anything less is not an option for you.

This is where the importance of ‘mind over matter’ is emphasized. You want to do great things. You want to serve in a great way. You want to take care of those who are important to you.

This mentality will play essential role to make you a success. It will drive your will to become a master of what you want to achieve in.

Below are some of the qualities you need to focus on in order to beat ‘average’:

  1. Willing to sacrifice short term to achieve long term success
  2. Master self discipline
  3. Self control
  4. Critical thinking
  5. Product development
  6. Public speaking
  7. Networking
  8. Specific skills related to your industry

2.) You practice discipline and self-control.

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and successes.”

I know I’ve listed these earlier but I’d like to talk a little in depth about it.

It’s obvious one of the basics of being an entrepreneur is to master self discipline and self control. Everybody wants to buy things right now, but nobody is willing to take a look at the bigger picture and take actions.

Being your own boss, there is no one to tell you to work. No one is there to appraise your performance. You only answer to yourself. This sounds great, but could potentially become a trap if you do not have the discipline and control over yourself.

Without these qualities, you tend to procrastinate, you become lazy, you take things for granted; and above all, you neglect mountains of responsibilities. Let’s not ignore that while being a boss is great, with it, comes a lot of responsibilities.

Practice self-control and discipline on a regular basis. Become better at it. Remember, sacrifice today so you can live a better life tomorrow!

3.) Failure doesn’t scare you.

“Failure is not the opposite of success. It’s part of success.”

Jack Ma comes into mind whenever I write or talk about failures. The Alibaba founder once said he sent multiple applications to Harvard only to be rejected. He did it purposely because he wanted to learn to overcome fear of failure.

This is one of the best way to practice facing your failure – in my opinion. What better way to learn handling failure other than facing rejection by one of the best institution in the world.

The people who are not scared of failure are the ones who become massively successful. On the other hand, people who take the ‘safe’ route becomes another average individual.

Also, failure is not permanent. It should not scare you out of action. Mark Cuban once said “All it takes is to become right once and you’ve made it.”

4.) You wake up early.

“If you don’t develop the habit of waking up early than others, you won’t be able to change the world.”

Our brain functions the best after waking up. Surveys have indicated our brains work at optimal capacity as soon you open those eyes in the morning.

Since our brains work best during this time, it’s best to get most things done within the hours. Starting your day early increases your productivity level – and every entrepreneur knows the importance of it.

Some even vouch that it’s easier to work during these hours too since it tends to be very quiet enabling them to work without much distractions.

Even if you’re not getting up at 5AM now, at least you have the awareness that getting up early is a powerful tool for your success.

5.) You surround yourself with great people.

“If you hang around nine people who are down, you will be the 10th one, if you hang around nine people who are broke, you will be the 10th one.”

We can’t control our family, where we grow up, or what we’re born into. But we can control who we spend our time with.

Successful people understand the influence of their peers. Who they spend most of their time with can some what determines who they’ll become in the future.

This is because, successful people has an aura that can be intriguing. If you spend more time with them, you tend to behave and become just like them.

You’ll start to have better attitude. You’ll improve your work ethics. You’ll start communicating better. You start reading similar books. You get the idea.

People who are a massive success know that you can only surround yourself with folks who want to be extraordinary. Eventually, you’ll try to ‘out-compete’ among yourselves and we all know how competition is good.

6.) You don’t complain.

“I think some people enjoy complaining as much as they enjoy doing nothing about it.”

Yes, entrepreneurs can be very critical – but some tend to deviate and starts to complain too much. Of course, being honest and truthful have its merits – but you need to be careful as there are setbacks too.

I used to be one, always complaining about life. Both of my parents diagnosed with chronic diseases at the same time – so I had to slow down my pursuit of success. You get the idea.

Long story-short, with time, I adapted. I still complain, but it always ends with searching for opportunities behind that complain.

Instead of just looking at the problem, I look at both the problem and the solution. This attitude completely changed the outlook of my life forever.

So, stop complaining too much. It’s a waste of time. Start looking for opportunities behind it. Execute!

7.) You are patient.

“Be in a rush to be patient. The only thing you should be rushing towards is greater patience.”

Patience is another key to becoming a massive success. Many people give up on their dreams simply because they are not willing to wait for it to happen.

Every successful entrepreneur knows that good things take time. It’s like a marathon, not a sprint. Success is not a get-rich quick scheme. It requires hardwork and countless amount of sacrifices for future gains. So, keep hustling and be patient.

Are You A Wanna-Preneur? 7 Signs To Know (Must Read)

Large number of people love the idea of becoming an entrepeneur – but not many want anything to do with the habits and sacrifices that come with it.

Today’s article, I’d like to share with you the 7 signs of a ‘wannabe-entrepreneur’.

You Don’t Use Time Well

“Time isn’t the main thing. It’s the only thing.” – Miles Davis.

Successful people know how to use their time well.

Everyone knows time is a commodity that you can never get back. However, nobody takes this knowledge to heart unlike wealthy people.

They know, for every second time is wasted – the ‘other’ guy(s) is a second closer to catch up on them.

How often do you see or hear rich people say “Stop wasting my time” or “I don’t have time for you”?

They don’t say it out of complete arrogance. They just can’t afford to waste time.

This is the reason why successful people often organize their schedule all the time. They want to get things done. They want to become more productive.

If you’re the type of person who procrastinates, or rather enjoy to take naps than to work – then you don’t understand what it takes to achieve success.

You Don’t Produce Results

Mark Cuban once said “If your business is not making money within a year, than it’s not a business – it’s a hobby.”

If you feel you’ve done everything and yet your business is not making much progress, then, what you’ve actually done is either:

  • you’re repeating the same mistakes or
  • you have not really done everything.

While it is important to be persistent as an entrepreneur, it’s also crucial not to repeat same mistakes and expect different outcome from it. That’s nonsense.

You Don’t Take Criticisms Well

“Your business ideas are always wrong. And it’s your job to make it less wrong.” – Elon Musk

Elon Musk pretty much sums up the life of every successful entrepreneur with this quote.

Entrepreneurs who do well often learn from the mistakes they make.

No one can get it right when starting out. You’ll make mistakes – there is no way to avoid it.

What’s important is to learn from the mistakes – and the best way to do this is to be able to handle criticisms as professional possible.

This is because criticisms are the best and cheapest form of feedbacks which can help your business to continuously improve itself.

If you’re unwilling or too stubborn to accept your mistakes, you’re never going to grow and the same goes for your business.

You Have Low Tolerance To Pain

“Every successful person has a painful story. Every painful story has a successful ending. Accept the pain and get ready for success.”

Let’s be honest, everyone wants the rewards of entrepreneurship but not many willing to go through the pain that comes with it.

Real success comes from a lot of sacrifices and nothing less.

You’ll have to cut down expenses to every penny. You’ll eat the same thing everyday. You rarely go out with your friends anymore. You’ll share a room with a couple of guys.

Despite of all that, it still does not guarantee success. You’d like to persevere but you can’t. You’ve got family to feed, bills to pay and more.

Some have even become bankrupt and homeless.

If you feel this is tough, you’ve seen nothing yet.

You Want Quick Results

“You can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets?”

Nowadays, you often see large number of people always looking for that ‘one ticket’ to success.

Honestly, people who are looking to become rich quick are lazy and lack the ambition for real success.

Successful people know that real success comes with lots of hustling and grinding. They have self-respect that they are willing to pay full price for success. It doesn’t take less than that.

Don’t get me wrong. There are people who makes money with this attitude – but most of the money-making involve fraudulent practice.

If this is your kind of thing, then you’re at the wrong place.

You Envy Successful People

Wanna know why rich people surround themselves with rich people?

They know the importance of networking with right people in order to achieve success.

They don’t envy successful people, in fact, they want to get to know them – be a part of their circle of friends.

Successful people often have some sort of an aura around them – which can be contagious. The more you spend time with them, the more likely you’ll start to pick up their habits.

You’ll start to think like them. You start to read books they like them. You’ll start communicating like they do. You get the idea.

If you continue to envy them, you’re just being petty – a person who sees the glass half-empty. You’re just another wanna-preneur.

You Are Not Focus

If you feel you can multitask, then stop it. You’re just lying to yourself.

There have been numerous studies done regarding multitasking; such as a research by Stanford University which concluded that multitasking is less productive than focusing on getting one thing done at a time. The research also found people who are constantly exposed to multiple streams of electronic information has difficulty in paying attention.

A research at University of London found that multitasking can actually lower your IQ too. The participants who multitasked during cognitive tasks experienced IQ score declines that were similar to what they’d expect if they had smoked marijuana or stayed up all night.

It’s also believed that constant multitasking could potentially cause damage to your brain. A study conducted at University of Sussex examined people who spend on multiple devices through MRI scans and found those who often multitask had less brain density in the anterior cingulate cortex – a region in the brain responsible for empathy, cognitive and emotional control.

Having said that, the answer to becoming focused is to prepare a proper list of what you want to achieve within a period of time.

For this, I like to give an example of what Warren Buffett suggested to his pilot. He tasked his pilot to list down 25 things in life that he’d like to achieve. Then, he’d ask the pilot to circle the top 5 things that he wants to get done. Buffett then, suggested him to focus on getting these 5 things done before working on everything else.

This story is another great example from successful people on how they manage their lives; in this case, the keyword is focus.

You Think You Know Everything

“You won’t learn if you think you know everything.” – Robert T. Kiyosaki

This is a no-brainer. Growth is an essential part of your journey as an entrepreneur.

While many believe experience is crucial, that experience eventually becomes obsolete if you don’t complement it with new knowledge each day.

What you know today might become outdated sometime later.

If you look at the top 1%, they still continue to learn new things each day even after all the success.

This goes to show acquiring new knowledge is an important part of their daily lives.

5 Secret Habits That Will Change Your Life

Have you ever wondered why your life remains stagnant despite all the hardwork you’ve put in? You’ve been hustling day in and out; yet, the result remains the same.

Well, I went through that at one point in my life. So, here are the 5 secret habits that changed my life and hopefully yours too.

Open Eye Experience

  1. Every individual experiences an eye opening event at least once in their life that affects their life forever.
  2. If you seek character development, I’d recommend travelling to less fortunate or isolated locations. This helps you to learn to appreciate the little things. If you wish to know more about it, watch the video in the link right now. (Add link)
  3. From business perspective, I find best ideas often come from traveling experiences. Airports between flight transits would be my ideal location – for whatever reason. You need to find your own place that inspires you.

2 Minute Focus Rule

  1. The 2 minute focus rule has helped me tremendously in overcoming my lack of productivity
  2. The idea of this rule is to use it as a platform for you to start building your focus threshold
  3. Start with getting things done within 2 minutes. Then, slowly build from 2 minutes to 3, 4,5 minutes and so on.
  4. Start with small steps to help you achieve the giant step.
  5. If you wish to learn more about the 2 minute focus rule, I’ve talked more about in the link now (Add link)

My 40/10/50 Rule

  1. Now, I’m sure you’ve heard of the 50/30/30 rule. I don’t like it to be frank with you.
  2. Instead, I reckon it should be re introduced as 40/10/50 instead focusing the bulk of you money to be put into savings/investment.
  3. Also, make this rule flexible depending which point you are in life; try to put as much money into investment if you’re in mid-20s since you have little monthly commitments during this time.
  4. I also talk about this rule in details in another video link shown now on your screen (Add link)

Free Product/Service

  1. If you’re struggling to sign clients that pay well, try offering your services to giant brands in your field for FREE a few times.
  2. Working with big names will attract more attention from other companies to work with you in the future.
  3. It sounds absurd but the goal here is long term. Seeing you have a portfolio of working with big names will help elevate your name in the industry.
  4. To find out more, I’ve shared a link to another video which I talked about it in depth. (Add link)

Just Do It

  1. If you’re a follower of successful billionaires like Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos, they all agree that the main obstacle between you and success is the execution part
  2. Aspiring entrepreneurs tend to overthink till they eventually decide to drop the idea.
  3. This could happen out of fear, procrastination or ‘waiting’ for the right time.
  4. These excuses are all absurd.
  5. Truth is, if you’ve done your homework, you’ll be able to get your fear under control and know that now is the right time.

That’s it from me fellow future millionaires

What do you think of the article? Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

In the meantime, keep grinding and hustling. Execute!

7 Things The Rich Do That The Poor Don’t – Why You Are Still Broke

You put in the effort. You tried saving money but then, you often find yourself with little money at end of each month. You wonder where did it all go wrong.

Today, I’m gonna tell you the 7 Main things the rich do that the poor don’t.

1. The rich focus on net worth, not working income

Poor people often talk in terms of hourly pay, whereas wealthy people know that an hourly income is not nearly as important as someone’s net worth.

One can earn quite a lot of money per hour, but if they don’t learn to keep any of it, they will still be broke in the end.

The rich person knows that a large net worth will net many opportunities and will create more wealth in the future.

2. Create multiple income flows

The more money you have, the easier it is to make more money.

And the easiest and fastest way to make more money is to have multiple income streams – a no-brainer.

That way you always have money coming in and can use the excess income to invest in new income flows. This, in a nutshell, is the primary way the wealthy stay wealthy.

There are two basic forms of income: active income, in which you work for the money you make, and passive income, in which payment isn’t directly tied to the number of hours you work.

Passive income includes rental property, dividend stocks, index funds, writing a book or creating an app, all of which will bring in a steady flow of income from sales or royalties.

3. Invest

Rich people make their money work for them. They know that investing is the key to growing their finances.

While saving money for a rainy day is important, your investments are going to do the heavy lifting to help you become wealthy.

While it’s good to put your money in savings, you need to put most of your money into work i.e. investments.

If you are new to investing, I’d recommend start putting your money into low risk investment. Start small, get a feel to it. It goes without saying you need to do your homework before taking the plunge.

4. The Wealthy Keep a To-Do List – They Stay Organized

Being organized by keeping a to-do list is one of the habits of the wealthy that may seem too simple to be true.

In reality, by staying organized, it helps you to remain focused on important things that will help you to reach your target. In a nutshell, keep your to-do list lean and simple.

Years back, Warren Buffett suggested his pilot to list down top 25 things he wants to achieve in life. Then, he told the pilot to only circle top 5 and focus on it.

Also, keep in mind there’s a research shows that 81% of the wealthy keep a to-do list, while only 19% of the poor will.

5. The Wealthy NEVER Stop Educating Themselves

How often do you hear that the best investment is to invest in yourself?

That’s because the wealthy READ! They will read materials related to their career or education to better themselves.

There are a number of successful people share how reading everyday keeps them on their toes. They continue to learn every day even after achieving success.

In this modern age, knowledge grows and distributed very quickly – globally. To continuously educate yourself is the only way to remain relevant in your industry.

6. The rich associate with positive, successful people

Rich people know that attitude is everything. If they continuously hang out with people that complain about the weather, bad-mouth the government, and speak negatively about the state of the economy, then they will likely start doing the same thing!

If, however, these same people start hanging around individuals that continuously talk about success, opportunity, and the positive things in life, chances are that they will see the world from an entirely different perspective!

Take for example the immigrants that come into the States. They are more likely to end up becoming millionaires compared to those born and bred in USA.


US citizens often complain over the little of things, while immigrants see the nation as the land of opportunities. In a nutshell, it comes down to the “glass half-filled or half-empty” argument.


Why make a mistake if you don’t have to?

Unlike the poor, rich people tend to see things in the long run. Hence, they plan and budget relentlessly. By having a plan, the rich has a clearer picture of their financial status. This leads them able to spend, save and invest wisely. The opposite can be said for poor people.

On top of that, the rich often educate themselves as much to reduce the risks involve in decision making,

When the rich makes mistakes they learn from them. By networking with other successful rich people they can also learn from mistakes that their peers make too.

In fact, these people are also perfect business partners since they have seen and done it all – so to speak.

My Two Cent

I do know this article sounds like bashing the poor. I’m not.

I’m just sharing with you how exactly it is not to be poor, and as you can see – it’s not ‘rocket science’ as claimed by many ‘business gurus’ out there.

If you read my articles enough, you’ll soon realize that becoming wealthy comes mainly down to two things; you gotta work hard (there’s no shortcut) and to sacrifice your wants for long term success.