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6 Money Saving Tips for Every Small Business

6 Money Saving Tips for Every Startup Entrepreneur

“It’s not your salary that makes you rich, it’s your spending habit.” – Charles A. Jaffe

Another important element of building successful businesses is to be able to maintain core business activities at a reduced rate. Becoming cost-effective is never easy as it demands constant search of innovation or creativity to achieve fully-optimized success.

So, how do you save company’s money while maintaining its performance? There are several ways to do so depending what stage your company is; whether it is in the startup or growth phase. Nonetheless, I’ll share ideas from my previous startup and will leave it to you to mix and match accordingly. Here it goes:

Saving Money Tips For Small Businesses

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7 Tricks To Help You Become Financially Secure in College.

7 tips to save money in college

“Many will want what you have, but few will do what you do.” – David W. Robbins, Rich Little Piggy

Becoming financially secure takes more than just earning higher income. It is about doing things which not many are willing to do. It’s about making sacrifices to ensure long term stability. Mark Cuban hasn’t been blessed with a ‘silver spoon’ but worked his way up from selling garbage bags at age of 12, to bar-tending and to having  net worth of $3.4 billion (2017) . He didn’t follow through the usual norm of a teenage life – instead, he hustled.

As soon I entered college, I was shocked to find out how much it costs to pay just for tuition fees. It was expensive (even till this day) and I knew I had to make adjustments to my life ethics and lifestyle. Here are 7 tricks that helped me to build the foundation to a financially secure future by college days:

  • Start taking odd jobs
  • Start saving from allowances and job
  • Invest in low risk investment such as ASB
  • Share rent with friends
  • Eat home cooked meal
  • Sign up to programs which gives discount to students e.g. Public Transport Services
  • Tutoring

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4 Methods to Increase Your Income Revenue

“Money is plentiful for those who understand the simple laws which govern its acquisition.” – George Clayson.

George is very spot on. Money is verily available to those who understand the fundamentals of making money. Since this is my second article for my new Finance section, I thought what better way to write on how to increase your income revenue:

  • Move Your Money To Fixed Deposit
  • Keep Your Money in Savers Account e.g. M2U Savers
  • Cut Down Monthly Expenses. Start with car mortgage.
  • Invest

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10 Easy Ways to Save Money (And Make Some Too)

“Many folks think they aren’t good at earning money, when what they don’t know is how to use it.” —Frank A. Clark

I’m quite shocked to find out from some friends who keep telling me that it is near to impossible to save money aside these days. When I ask them exactly what they did do to save, the answer I keep hearing is they’d only keep a portion of income into bank and that’s it. After hearing some of my explanation, the guys were quite surprised at the amount of things they missed out in order to become financially stable. Nevertheless, it’s never too late to start saving money. Better now than never. So here’s my take on the 10 easiest ways anyone can do to save money:

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