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Start Doing These & You Will Never Be Lazy Again!


You wake up in the morning, unmotivated and lazy to start hustling.
You tend to procrastinate each day on starting the day till you eventually doze off to early nap.
Don’t worry, this is normal. Today, I’m gonna share with you the things to help you to never be lazy again.

1) Work somewhere else.

  • You need to work in different environment if your cubicle (or office) is driving you crazy.
  • Go to coffee shop, co working space, or even the park to lighten the mood of your work environment.
  • In addition, a study suggests that a change in work environment helps with memory retention too.
  • If you company does not offer flexible working environments, try decorating your workspace to make the environment more livable. Make seasonal decorations too so your office outlook does not look the same all the time – boring.
  • When I first started out, I can’t stress you enough how it played an important role ensuring me to remain driven to work till late night.
  • Try change your environment day and you’ll see dramatic change in your productivity and self-motivation.

2. Create a checklist of the goals you want to accomplish

  • An accomplish time manager is the master of listing priorities and getting them done in timely manner.
  • Checking them off the list as you accomplish each one will give you the motivation that you need to keep going and finish other goals.
  • Put copies of your checklist everywhere especially on your phone, as this will allow you to see it often. I use Google Calendar often as it syncs throughout all my devices to keep me updated for daily activities. There’s plenty options out there, but I feel Google Calendar works best for me. Try a couple different platforms yourself and decide which works best for you.
  • Once you start seeing check marks accumulating, you will want to keep going. You’ll be able to have a visual image of what you have been working towards and what you’re capable of doing. This accomplishment will help build momentum and it feels good.

3. Reward yourself for your achievements, whether big or small.

  • To help you start overcoming laziness for good, give yourself something to look forward to.
  • When you are looking forward to something, it can actually stop laziness from even starting in the first place. Remember this. Keep it as your mantra too.
  • Determine goals for yourself and then set rewards accordingly. This can help you keep your reward in mind while you are doing a task, and therefore keep your motivation going.
  • For example, add in some small breaks between your short (but focused) bursts of work.
  • Start small, e.g. 15 minutes and take small breaks in between. Give time for yourself to adjust, and, then increase work time to 45 minutes before taking another small break.

4. Eat high-protein foods

  • Do you always feel tired or sluggish throughout the whole day making you feel lazy? Make adjustments to your diet.
  • Some foods increase your energy and keep your blood sugar stable.
  • Consume high-protein foods such as: Greek yogurt, almonds, eggs, tuna
  • Avoid from consuming high sugar food. These types of food will only benefit for short time, then, your energy level comes down.
  • You can consumer sugary foods to overcome tiredness, but this will obviously will impact your body to exhaustion and eventually to diabetes.

5. Listening to self-criticism.

  • While self-criticisms can be good, it can also devastate your mentality if done wrong.
  • Some people criticize themselves too much till they tend to take it too personally not enabling self to learn from it.
  • They are too focused on the failures, instead of finding a solution from that failures.
  • The idea here is to self-criticize enough till you can identify the problem so you can create solution in order to progress. Then, you move on. Don’t dwell on it too much.

6. Work in intervals

  • In the same vein, when you stare down the barrel of your 8-hour workday, it can be overwhelming.
  • Rather than think about everything you need to do today, think about the next 10 minutes only.
  • You will find that things get done much faster and without your brain even realizing you’re exerting much effort.
  • Start with an easy task.
  • People say to work on the toughest task early to get it out of the way. I disagree as starting your day to overcome a huge task tends to demoralize yourself to work for the day.
  • Instead, work on the smallest task as a warm-up to build momentum. Get the morning blues out of the way.
  • Once you’re warmed up and your mind is ‘in the zone’, work on the tough ones.
  • Remember, being an entrepreneur is like running a marathon.

7. Exercise, just a little.

  • Exercise can help you improve several aspects of your life, including your productivity and ability to stop being lazy.
  • It can also give you more energy. Having more energy means you will feel more awake at work.
  • I’m not suggesting you to train for a marathon, just give yourself a 10 minute walk. Remember, 10-minute chunks of time can help you get a lot done.
  • Another thing I like to do is to go for a short walk after lunch. This helps me to remain alert throughout the day.

How The Rich Spend Their Money And Why You Should Start Doing It Too

Is it true that the rich spends differently than poor people?

The answer is Yes.

Today, I’m gonna share with you how the rich people spend their money and why you should do it too.

Poor People

Lets start with how poor people spends their money.

For poor people, when they receive their paycheque, lets say at $10,000 for demonstration purpose, they’ll immediately use the money to pay off their monthly bills.


$5,000 into paying things which are necessary.

$4,000 into buying things they want.

$1,000 into savings (if lucky).

So whats wrong with this?

At the end of every month, poor people often ends with networth of about $1,000 if lucky.

This is what the line ‘Live paycheque to paycheque’ means.

Successful People

Successful people, on the other hand, when they receive their paycheque, spends differently.

Firstly, successful people have different philosophy when it comes to money management.


They’ll put aside 30% for monthly commitments such as mortgages, car loans, etc.

And the remaining 70%, they’ll put aside for investment. Some successful people are even rumored to be able to invest up to 90% of their earned income.

0% will be put aside on things they want such as luxury goods or eating in restaurants

Once the money invested bears profits, they’ll use 10% from the dividends to buy luxury goods and so on.

In this way, their total networth remains between $6,000 – 7,000 plus dividends.

Now imagine they repeat this spending habit for years to come – this is the secret to true wealth.

My Two Cent

It’s clear, successful people spend with a long term plan in mind.

They continue to add more money into investment to be able to grow their net worth and also able to live off dividends alone

They know earned income is not permanent, therefore, don’t rely on it completely. In case of economic downturn, they’ll always have cash to rely; such as their other sources of income and savings.

On the other hand, the poor relies completely on their earned income. If they lose their jobs, they have nothing else to rely on.

Let me know what you think about the article in comment section below. I’d really like to know what you think about it

Keep grinding and hustling. Don’t forget to execute!